Cider drinker, are ya? Cool! Then this site is where you’ll find BC’s farm-crafted ciders. The 20 members of this association are all orchardists, cider makers, entrepreneurs, and hard working folk. The cider we make is crafted in small batches, using 100% BC apples, most of which we grow ourselves.
So next time you’re asking for a cider, do you want a ‘refreshment beverage’ which has a lot of sugar and water added to it? Or do you want a true artisan craft cider made from real apples? 


There are many definitions, but our association believes that a cider, to be classed as craft, must be at least 95% juice content, and not diluted with water. Concentrated apple juice is not used in craft cider either. Small batches, made by artisan cider makers, with a long fermentation period.

Farm crafted cider refers to craft cider that is made on the same farm that the apples are grown on. The cider maker is usually the owner of the business, and quite often, a family-run affair.


We represent the land-based licensed cider maker in BC. The BCFCCA acts as a common voice for our members, as almost all members are small businesses without the marketing and lobby power of the multi-national organizations. We work together to promote farm crafted cider in BC. Look for us at your local cider events, liquor stores and many restaurants and pubs.
Our members are:
•	100% independently owned
•	100% BC owned
•	promote craft cider to cider lovers
•	help British Columbians understand the cultural, community and economic benefits of BC’s growing craft cider scene.
•	unite the voices of all the Farm Crafted cideries in BC; so, BC’s Craft Cider community continues to develop and grow
•	work with local and provincial government to sustain and improve support for BC Farm Crafted Cideries that create local jobs, and boost local economies and local communities throughout BC
•	activate local festivals and community events to showcase our products and support worthwhile local causes
•	provide tourist destinations for visitors to tour our cideries and visit our communities
•	support the use of BC ingredients and sustainable cider making and business practices


It takes about 3 to 4 lbs (1.4 - 1.8kg) of apples to make one liter of cider.

Aging your cider is a good thing. The longer the fermentation and aging period, the better the cider typically becomes.

Commercial ciders typically have about 30-50% juice content, and the rest is water and sugar added. Which is fine if that’s what you’re looking to drink. We kinda like the 90% - 99% juice content range.

There are many styles of cider: English, French, Pacific Northwest, Spanish, Quebec, etc. Each region usually has some unique traits to the cider they produce. Talk to your cider maker today about the styles they produce.

Cider is made, not brewed. Its just like wine, where the apple juice is allowed to ferment. No cooking or boiling involved.